Obesity and Overweight Increasing Worldwide – A Global Look At A Fatter Planet

When it comes to obesity and being overweight it simply is not just a consumption driven American issue anymore. Once mostly isolated to the United States, obesity is now spreading beyond U.S. Borders to all over the world. Now a global problem that is growing out of proportion being overweight is not only exclusive to prosperous first world countries. Regardless of race, gender, class or location obesity is now having an impact on everyday life for potential every single one of us. Sometimes given all the world’s food problems this can be hard to believe but it is infographics like this one from IHME and the University of Washington that really help highlight the growing concerns about the increasing number of people around the planet that are becoming overweight and obese. Lets take a look at some of the more startling statistics and facts to get a better picture of just far reaching this problem has now become.


Eye Opening Worldwide Obesity and Overweight Stat #1: Number of Countries That Have Decreased Obesity In The Last 33 Years = 0

This is a scary statistic as it essentially means no one is winning the war currently against the rise in obesity rates. Seeing numbers like this should inspire us all more to come together when trying to figure out cures for these type of health issues. We need to stop looking at being overweight as a this person or that person problem and start fighting against it as a community as a whole because its clear no one single nation is succeeding on there own.

Eye Opening Worldwide Obesity and Overweight Stat #2: Percentage of the World’s Population Living In Developing Countries That Is Obese = 62%

Even though obesity and being overweight is often touted as an United States problem and many times pushed off to just being about fat and lazy American its clear that the U.S. Might be the least of our worries when trying to combat the larger issue of obesity starting to infiltrate every form of society. If sixty two percent of the overweight world currently resides in a developing country we need to start understanding why the shift is occurring and the obesity ratios are becoming so lopsided or biased towards one group of people.

Eye Opening Worldwide Obesity and Overweight Stat #3: Deaths Caused By Being Overweight and Obese = 3.4 Million

People are dying due to this disease and its a very scary thing. No one really thinks of being fat as a disease or dying because you did not manage your weight properly but it really is all the health issues that come along with carrying too many pounds. Its the heart and thyroid problems. Its the liver and digestive problems and the list goes on and on. Rarely may anyone die from just being fat but its the stress and wear and tear on your body that obesity brings that can lead to death by triggering serious health issues. This number is a great reminder that we all need to be more cognizant about how important this topic truly is.

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