Nicotine Quitting Aid Success Rates – A Look At The Top 3 Most Helpful Smoking Habit Disrupters

time-to-quitBeing in the health space we constantly are reviewing the latest in health news and knowledge and really make it our jobs to learn anything and everything health related.  Were really into the scientific studies, research and statistics behind conclusions about health as there is a lot of misconceptions and misinformation floating around out there.  One specific area of health that we have been studying is the drastic toll cigarette smoking has taken on our society.  One of the areas of our research involved seeing how to stop the terrible plague that is nicotine and along with that came learning about the various nicotine smoking quitting aids.  We came across this wonderful infographic presented by CocktailNerd which highlights just how effective the various channels of quitting smoking are.  Let’s take a look at the top three nicotine quitting aids to not only start to figure out how to slow down and end this bad habit but also just in case there comes a time we need to assist a loved one in kicking this poor health habit.

Most Helpful Nicotine Smoking Quitting Aid Number 3: 14% – 21% Effectiveness of Prescription Drugs When It Comes To Quitting Smoking

While this is an effective we never really encourage prescription drugs as a solution for any health related issues when they can be avoided of course.  Often times prescription drugs cause more trouble then they are worth and we are trying to fix our health here not give ourselves more problems so lets try to avoid prescription whenever possible.  Side effects such as nausea, insomnia and dry mouth are just a few potential outcomes so it really is best to skip this option in most every scenario.

Most Helpful Nicotine Smoking Quitting Aid Number 2: 22% Effectiveness of the Nicotine Patch When It Comes To Quitting Smoking

The patch seems to be a pretty effective deterrent to smoking cigarettes and is certainly and option you will want to consider.  One of the drawbacks of the patch is that you have to wear it on your body so if you do a lot of outdoor or extreme activities it can pose a problem at times.  This one option you will want to investigate to see if its right for you.

Most Helpful Nicotine Smoking Quitting Aid Number 1: 31% Effectiveness of the Portable Vaporizer Pen and Electronic Cigarette When It Comes To Quitting Smoking

We were surprised to see the portable vaporizer pen and electronic cigarettes make it to the top of list when it came to helping cure a smoker’s health problems and habits.  The vape is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the cigarette so maybe this should not be as shocking after all.  If we stop and think about it the vape pen probably most accurately mimics the act of smoking a cigarette without all the nasty side effects.  This is one topic we encourage all smokers to learn more about and reading up on research and reviews is an ideal way to just that.

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