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International Diabetes and Obesity Forum (IDOF) Conference Mission Statement

The International Diabetes and Obesity Forum (IDOF) is really a chance to come together and speak about all things health and body related. Mostly focused on topics such as diabetes, dieting, weight loss, obesity and other similar topics we have a wide variety of speakers, events, workshops, forums and booths covering all types of health related subjects. If you do happen to suffer from diabetes or obesity the The International Diabetes and Obesity Forum (IDOF) is the perfect event to attend for learning more about how to manage and care for your illnesses. With experts from all areas of health, the IDOF conference is always filled with a vast amount of knowledge and cutting edge ideas in terms dealing with diabetes or being overweight and something you do not want to miss if you are in any way afflicted by these diseases. From talks to technology testing to demonstrations to consultations and more there is truly something for everyone to draw from and enjoy. If you are a family member or friend of someone that has diabetes or might be obese the IDOF is worthwhile attending as well. Everyone is invited to see why we are changing lives one forum at a time.

Its Not Just About Awareness, Its About A Lifestyle
International Diabetes and Obesity Forum (IDOF)